Job Sikhala Says It Was Photoshop
5 October 2019
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Movement for Democratic Change deputy chairperson, Job Sikhala, is happy that social media was on fire Friday after he was photographed wearing a suite with a waist coat only covering his belly.

Sikhala says his wife bought the suite in Harare. “I bought it in town (Harare) … It was bought by my wife l think for about US$350,” said Sikhala, laughing his lungs out.

He is aware that social media was on fire with some people photo-shopping the picture in which he was captured with MDC spokesperson and a colleague, posing for a photo.

Sikhala said the waist coat, only covering his belly, was the work of a crafty individual in that particular picture.

“That one is photo-shopped. I did not have it (the waist coat when l took the photo) right now. Is this the way it looks? Can you see it now?” asked Sikhala, who was wearing the same suit while talking to reporters in Harare at a town hall organized by the Voice of America and Media Center on Friday.

He dismissed suggestions that he hid the waist coat after realizing that some people on social media were literally giving him fresh lessons on dressing in public.

But he appeared to be ready for the fun. “It’s good, it’s very good because, you know, l was the largest social media ‘trendier’ today in the whole world,” he said amid bouts of laughs and giggles, adding, “it’s good and nice.”

Some of the photo shopped images of the seemingly original photo circulating on social media, show him without the infamous waist coat, leaving his belly exposed and others are hilarious pieces being created by Zimbabweans.