Macheso Targets International Market
6 October 2019
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SUNGURA maestro, Alick Macheso, is taking his Orchestra Mberikwazvo band management to another level.

The veteran musician has enlisted the services of Eirik Hoff Walmsness as the group’s international manager.

Walmsness is a versatile musician who is based in Trondheim, Norway.
The drummer, guitarist and vocalist is currently in the country for a three-week visit that ends this week.

This is not the Norwegian’s first visit. He frequently comes to Zimbabwe for a number of ventures, which include the ongoing recording of his debut sungura project. Macheso, also known as Baba Sharo, believes adding Walmsness to his management team will help boost his global visibility.

The “Charakupa” hit-maker has a healthy regional following. However, his presence overseas – like that of many Zimbabwean artistes – is confined mainly to the United Kingdom and Australia.

“We have big plans with Eirik (Walmsness). Zvemuno takagadzirisa (we have sorted the local market) and now need to solidify our brand beyond borders. Eirik is based in Europe and has a lot of connections in the showbiz that side, which we can take advantage of by working with him as our international manager,” said Baba Sharo.

He added: “The guy has natural love for sungura and our group Orchestra Mberikwazvo in particular. He likes African music and that has made it easy for us to work with him, in the process promoting culture exchange. My team has embraced him.”State media

Alick Macheso