Resolve Legitimacy Crisis, MDC Tells Mnangagwa
6 October 2019
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The Zimbabwean economy is in a deep crisis as manifested by a proliferation of unresolved deepening monetary, fiscal, social and political headaches which the illegitimate regime has clearly failed to arrest.

The problem in Zimbabwe is a Confidence-cum-Legitimacy crisis.

The recent SONA and the preceding RBZ ban on cash-in, cash-back and cash-out platforms are desperate attempts to provide white wash and token solutions based on manifested symptoms of a sick economy.

The business as usual SONA must be roundly condemned by all right thinking Zimbabweans for the SONA failed to provide answers to the suffering Zimbabweans.

Indeed, the SONA failed to provide answers or solutions to the following:

An unprecedented energy crisis (fuel and electricity shortage) Record price increases and inflationary pressures (hyperinflation).

The collapse of Social Services especially the Health Sector The Exchange rate crisis The Currency Crisis Low Productivity The Inflation tax on Wages and Salaries that has resulted in Incomes erosion Unemployment that is now estimated at 90% Sluggish economic growth estimated by the IMF to decline by minus 6% in 2019. A crippling debt crisis Policy Reversals and Policy Ambiguity Failure to sterilize TBs No firm measures to curb corruption and state capture. Further, there are glaring policy gaps in the SONA. One could go on and on pointing out many omissions and commissions.

What is the alternative?

The country is at a cross roads.and one year after the stolen election the illegitimate regime has driven the economy on the cliff edge and plunged the country into a socio-economic Armageddon.

The regime remains unrelenting in its quest to inflict suffering on the people by clearly committing an economic genocide.

The MDC has the solutions to reverse the current economic catastrophe.

We propose the following:

The first order of business is to address the confidence and legitimacy question through a genuine process.MDC Communications