THREAD: Why Resurface When Its Nero, Women Groups Slammed
6 October 2019
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1/3 I am not saying whatever Nelson Chamisa did was right or wrong, everyone does have his own opinion! But my challenge with these Feminist movements is they only resurfaces when it’s Nero only! Old ladies were beaten in town last months and I am yet to hear their voices!

2/3 Don’t tell Women Coalition of Zimbabwe never saw that picture of an old woman who was beaten for exercising her constitutional right and was left for dead by our law enforcement agents, they never said a single word up to now! If they want the pics or videos I have them

3/3 Many women were beaten up and raped by soldiers in Jan this yr and I have a relative who is a victim! Where was there Women Collation Group? Never heard their voice at all, and suddenly after Nero took the mic from his wife they are demanding a public apology?