“Doctors Are At Work”: Health Services Board
7 October 2019
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Dr Paulinus Sikosana

By A Correspondent- In an interview with ZimEye Monday, Health Services Board Chairperson Dr Paulinus Sikosana dispelled claims that doctors are on strike and are not reporting for duty saying doctors are at work.

Commenting on the doctors’ letter signalling that they had pulled out of the Health Apex Council which was submitted today morning at the HSB offices, Dr Sikosana said the pull out pointed to the need in changing the current legislation which governed the negotiating forum between the doctors and their employer.

He said:

“….The negotiating forum that is there is governed by certain legislation. For them to exit and get another negotiating forum, we need to change the legislation and its not a day’s thing.”

Responding to a question on how long this process to change the legislation will take, Dr Sikosana revealed that he did not know.

He said:

“For the process to be completed, I would not know.”

When quizzed on the way forward following the doctors rejection of the 60 percent salary increment that was announced by government, Dr Sikosana dispelled reports that doctors are not at work.

He said:

“They are at work. They are at work.”

Watch the video below for this and more….