Linda Masarira Accuses US Of Plotting To Attack Zimbabwe
7 October 2019
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Farai Dziva|Lead president Linda Masarira has accused USA of plotting to attack Zimbabwe.

“We are trying to show the world that even if
is failing our call is like that of America.

Zimbabwe first. No war will be fought on Zimbabwean soil. Our clarion call as @LEAD_2019 is ” Let’s unite and rebuild our country for prosperity and posterity.

” The justification they are looking for is a civic uprising of the people. This is where MDC comes in, to psyche the people to revolt,” Masarira tweeted.

“When we demonstrate against Sanctions we are trying to make sure that public upheaval does not happen. We need to fix Zimbabwe together.

Sanctions have nothing to do with the well being of Zimbabwe but about the American interests in Zimbabwe. We know that America’s next move is an all out military attack. America cannot attack without justification,” she added.