Herald Quotes Mwonzora Calling for “A New Approach” To Politics
8 October 2019
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Douglas Mwonzora

Mwonzora whe he was in Sweden recently
Former MDC-Alliance secretary-general Mr Douglas Mwonzora has called on political parties to abandon the politics of hate and embrace “tolerance and rational disputation”.

Writing on his Twitter handle, Mr Mwonzora yesterday said: “A review of Zimbabwean politics over the last few weeks leads us to one conclusion: We need a new approach to our politics.

“We need to jettison the politics of hate, toxicity and acrimony and replace it with politics of tolerance and rational disputation.”

A number of Twitter users praised Mr Mwonzora for calling for “a new approach” to politics, saying confrontational politics was hurtful and impoverished supporters of all political parties.

Businessman Mr Mutumwa Mawere said; “Yet the call must start with the individual author. What am I prepared to do to ensure that the idea of common purpose is real and finds best expression in actions and not words or slogans?”

Mr Lincoln Mpofu also suggested that “unity for the sake of people is the only way to go”. Twinsisters said: “#sanctionsmustgo, lets blow our trumpets against these ruinous sanctions”.
Another Twitter user with the handle, @theman19711, said a review of the “entire regime change policy top to bottom was needed ages ago”.

Others encouraged the MDC-Alliance to get a few notes from the South African opposition parties, the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who do niot invite sanctions on their country despite differing with the ruling ANC.

A Twitter user with the handle, @fidelischax proposed that Mr Mwonzora should lead the opposition outfit as he was “sober”.

“I surely believe you are a sober head and should lead the main opposition.”

However, he was not short of critics, with some calling him a ZANU-PF agent who should join the revolutionary party.

But Mr Mwonzora shot back: “You say I should join Zanu PF because I have spoken against hate, intolerance and toxicity? Those are not the values of the MDC, are they?”

Moderates in the MDC-Alliance are understood to have told some party leaders to swallow their pride and join the political actors’ dialogue to find a lasting solution to Zimbabwe’s economic challenges, instead of calling for sanctions.- State Media