Anti Riot Police Dispatched To Disperse Huge Crowd Of Zimbabweans Demanding Passports
9 October 2019
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Chaos rocked the Registrar General’s (RG) passport office in the capital as the office failed to handle the demand for emergency passport applications in response to an invitation by the issuing office.

Hundreds of applicants were queuing at the offices since morning as a result of the invitation for applicants to submit their emergency applications extended by the office.

Many applicants were left in despair after going through a cumbersome process which they say has given them very little guarantee for a passport.

“I have a child who desperately needs a passport to travel to South Africa, and if I don’t get it that means she will not be admitted in school outside the country, I came here in the morning but there seems to be nothing for us here,” one applicant said.

“I work in Dubai, and I need my passport in order to renew my work permit, the situation here is so depressing, I hope they will be able to address it soon,” another said.

Investigations at the scene by ZBC Online revealed what many noted as an anomaly on the part of the passport issuing office that forwarded a blanket invitation for applicants to submit their emergency applications without a proper strategy to manage the numbers.

Members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) had to be deployed to help control the masses amid the chaos with only a few fortunate to get to the service windows.

Access inside the building was almost impossible as there was disorder much to the disappointment of people waiting to submit their applications.

Efforts to get a comment from the Registrar General were fruitless as he was said to be out of office.

The Director Human Resources said the situation was not as bad as it appeared.-zbc