From Mugabe To Mnangagwa :Suffering Continues
9 October 2019
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Is it not amazing that Emmerson Mnangangwa removed Robert Mugabe so that he can do ten times worse than what Mugabe was doing.

Remember the coup masters claimed they were targeting the thieves around Mugabe who were causing economic harm, pain and suffering to the people, yet it turns out they were the thieves around Mugabe all along, they just didn’t want competition, look at the billions they have looted in the short period they have been in power, look at the pain and suffering they have rabidly inflicted on a people since the coup. Since ascendancy to power they have killed with impunity under government immunity, government sponsored terrorism, abductions, torture, state sanctioned army killings of civilians, no essential services, no electricity, no clean running water, no health care, expensive private jet rentals for President Emmerson Mnangangwa when the medicine cabinets are empty and they are failing to adequately remunerate medical personnel who are working under difficult, ill equipped and most inhospitable conditions where they have to be creative and improvise everything.

Now they are introducing all repressive forms of legislation to consolidate power, strangle anything that resembles unrestrained freedom and silence a people in to conformity hence further constrict freedom of expression under the guise of cyber security, yet they are failing to find a sustainable fix to the economy which they are grossly mismanaging and mercilessly looting. The only thing safely protected under the proposed legislation is government propaganda. It is comical that the corrupt are now putting in place legislation after legislation to protect a reputation they have naught and silence critics who callout and expose influential thieves in high political a places.

Rule by law they swear by, not rule of law, the perils of living under a dictatorship.Concerned Citizen