Man Demands Wife As Compensation For Lost Eye
9 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- A man from Neruwana Village under Chief Budzi now has one eye after a fellow imbiber struck the other eye with a catapult following a dispute over traditional brew.

Sydney Neruwana was struck in the eye for taking and drinking traditional beer that he had not paid for and he is now demanding a wife as compensation for the loss of his eye.

The matter is that Maxwell Mucheyi of Porunobva Village under Chief Budzi bought beer together with friends and Neruwana who did not realize that his friend Mucheyi was sharing the beer with others, picked the mug and gulped down the contents.

Mucheyi then asked why Neruwana was drinking the beer which he had not bought and the latter responded in jest.

Mucheyi then took his catapult and struck Neruwana in the eye. The complainant had further bad news as the hospital told him that he runs the risk of getting the other eye affected.

Neruwana demanded a woman to marry from Mucheyi’s family as compensation for his eye but Chief Budzi rejected such a demand.

He ordered Mucheyi to pay four beasts since he was also responsible for hospital bills.

— Mirror