Cheeky Tenant Bashes Landlord Over Rentals
11 October 2019
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 By A Correspondent- A Bulawayo landlord will live to regret the day she offered a tenant a room to rent as asking for her money at the end of the month results in a thorough bashing from the occupant. 

Simelinkosi Ncube said she is fed up of Bekezela Maphosa’s abusive tendencies and wants the tenant out of her house in Magwegwe North suburb. 

“I am having problems with my tenant Maphosa who resides at one of the houses that I own. She is so abusive whenever I ask for my rentals. She shouts at me using abusive language and even goes to the extent of teaming up with her children in assaulting me. 

“At one time she assaulted me with open fists and I sustained injuries on my hand,” said Ncube.

The landlord pleaded with the court to grant her a protection order and wants the tenant to move out of her house. 

“I’m very uncomfortable with her continued stay at my house as I now fear for my life and I am therefore applying for a protection order compelling her to stop insulting and assaulting me. In her response Maphosa denied the allegations levelled against her.

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla granted an interim order.