Grief As School Guard Dog Savages 13 Year Old Pupil – Negligent Security Guard On The Run
11 October 2019
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Sacred heart girls

Paul Nyathi |A Thirteen -year-old pupil at Sacred Heart Girls School in Umzingwane District, Matabeleland South Province, was leff nursing serious injuries after she was bitten by a rabid dog on the school premises.

According to a source, school guard Mark Ndlovu neglected to secure the dogs in a kennel before pupils woke up early in the morning to start preparing for classes.

The guard dogs were supposed to be locked in their kennels by 4am but in this instance they were left prowling around.

BMetro reports that at 4.25am the unsuspecting girl was attacked by the animal.

“The pupil woke up at around 4.25am and went outside and since the dogs were still roaming in the school yard, one of them attacked her before the school guard, who was not close to the scene, could react and restrain the dog.

“The girl suffered serious injuries,”  said the sources

The girl’s blood curling screams attracted the school authorities who then performed first aid on the girl before ferrying to hospital.

The dog was tested for rabies after it was put down and it tested positive.

The security guard is on the run and the police is appealing for information that may lead to his arrest.