Ryan Chinyangare Letter To Mnangagwa
11 October 2019
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Zimbabwe is going through a very rough time and it’s evident socially and economically, as much as we can claim to have budget surpluses and dealing with corruption if the ordinary Zimbabwean gets poor and poor and the economic keeps crushing these really no need to continue talking about a blooming flower when it’s dying.

Some of us know change is gradual and Roman wasn’t built in a day, but there should be a small glimpse of light brimming from a distance yet this isn’t evident in this economy.

Truth be told the administration is failing in the socio economic transformation and it’s not something that we need to cry about but it’s something we can deal with, you have put good mechanisms in place for that.

The major problem with your administration is that, it’s not people centric, it’s Mnangagwa centric just as it was with Mugabe. Am one person who voted for you with pride and l knew l was putting you in a hot seat, a seat l knew a lot of people would not be able to handle at this time in our lives.

My plea to you is, kindly change your tone and way of doing things, you know look and seem like the CROCODILE people say you. This is unfortunate because you promised to be a listening President. You have been detached from the people and you seem not to know the day to day struggles of the nation, or in some people’s eyes you are turning a blind eye to.

Your foreign policy needs to change, Zimbabwe is open for business is now a dogmatic statement and no one takes you seriously anymore. The JV Act is a disaster and it must be revisited, l know it l have seen it. Your short term economic policies are a mess they need to be addressed, your social appearance and outlook and perceptions of people on you is a disaster now. My dear President you need a new team to make you loved and popular.

Basically Mr President your Presidency seems to be going down in history as the worst start ever but it can be changed, if you only listen to the people and your administration listens to the people. You need listening mechanisms and you need real people around you those that know what’s happening and whose that have long lasting solutions.

Zimbabwean economy will crush within the next 3 months if you continue using short term measures to deal with problems, from Cartels, Corruption, Economic Development, Social Upliftment, Unemployment, Investment prospects everything we ought to do has to have foresight which seems to be diminishing somehow.. Together we can, uniting we must, change we cannot resist and prosperity we must gain!!