“Aug 1 Soldiers Face Prosecution Next Yr,” SB Moyo Tells Australia, Although ED Was Filmed On ZBC Smiling As Same Soldiers Were Deployed By Him| IS HE TELLING THE TRUTH?
12 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- Although Emmerson Mnangagwa was filmed on ZBC LIVE broadcast smiling as his office announced they are deploying the military to change election results, Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr Sibusiso Moyo has said that soldiers who on August 1, 2018, shot and killed civilians in the streets of Harare will be prosecuted next year.

The announcement was revealed in an article published by the Spectator of Australia, in which Moyo pleaded with Australia to support Zimbabwe’s Commonwealth readmission agenda saying the country was making reforms.

He said:

Zimbabwe has rapidly begun the task of implementing the commission’s key recommendations that include reforming legislation on law and order, freedom and the liberalisation of the media and electoral reforms and we can expect prosecutions of those responsible to begin next year after the police and prosecution services have completed their post-inquiry investigations.

The prosecution of the killer soldiers is part of the recommendations that were made by the Motlanthe Commission of Enquiry which was set by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The Commissionn observed that the soldiers had used excessive force on unarmed civilians.