Implications Of Economic Crisis :Nurse Steals Syringes, Surgical Blades
12 October 2019
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Farai Dziva|The country’s deepening economic challenges are forcing hard-pressed Zimbabweans to resort to unorthodox means for survival.

Even professionals have been reduced to beggars and street dealers.

Read full report below – that was published by a state run publication:

A final year nursing student at Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo allegedly stole an assortment of medical instruments including 200 surgical blades and 46 syringes worth $230, a magistrate heard yesterday.

Bulawayo magistrate Mrs Ulukile Mlea-Ndlovu heard this when Kwanele Mazolo (31), whose address was not given, appeared before her facing theft charges.

Mazolo, a third year student, was remanded out of custody to October 22 on $200 bail.

Prosecuting, Mr Mufaro Mageza said last Saturday at around 7:55PM, the accused person allegedly stole 200 surgical blades and 46 syringes belonging to Mpilo Central Hospital and shoved them into an opaque plastic bag.

“The accused person took a black plastic bag and put 200 surgical blades and 46 syringes that she had stolen at Mpilo Central Hospital,” he said.

A syringe is a medical device that is used to inject fluid into or withdraw it from the body while surgical blades or scalpels are used for cutting skin and tissue during surgical procedures.

The court heard that on leaving the hospital building, Mazolo was searched by a security guard manning the premises as part of the routine security procedures leading to the discovery of the stolen medical tools.

On being quizzed, Mazolo failed to give a satisfactory answer and she was apprehended.

“The accused person was apprehended after she was searched and found in possession of the stolen equipment which she failed to account for,” said Mr Mageza.

A report was made to the police leading to the arrest of the accused person.Credit- state media