MDC Mulls All Stakeholders Conference On The Zimbabwean Crisis
12 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- The opposition MDC led by advocate Nelson Chamisa is contemplating spearheading an all-stakeholders Conference over the socio-economic crisis in the country.

The News Day reports that the party intends to engage churches, students, workers and all suffering Zimbabweans, including disgruntled Zanu PF supporters in a bid to build a united front to enhance the citizens’ determination.

Speaking to the publication, an unidentified party insider said:

We are consulting everyone so that this stops being an MDC against Zanu PF issue. We want a Zimbabwean solution. So as the movement which represents the majority, we want to convene an all-stakeholders conference, which will solidify the resolve of the people.

The development comes when the crisis in the country continues unabated. The Zimbabwean economy is inflationary, risking reminding people of the 2008 record high hyperinflation.

The health sector is also collapsed with public institutions operating without essentials such as machines and medicines for patients and the health workers industrial action which started on the 3rd of September this year is doing less to help the situation.

Zimbabwe has other issues including a huge deficit in water, fuel, electricity, food, foreign currency and cash.