Ngarivhume Statement On Election Postponement Proposal
12 October 2019
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As Transform Zimbabwe political party, we acknowledge the role of the church in changing and transforming our nation, pre and post Independence.

The church has a pivotal role in the politics of the nation and even in the bible, they gave guidance to the Kings and Queens of the time.

Our nation has grossly suffered from dibilitating economic challenges, fragmented society, lawlessness and intense polarization. The political, social and economic situation is continuing to deteriorate and surely, a Transitional government is the way for our nation to recover. The electioneering mode in Zimbabwe refuses to die down because for a very long time now, we have not had conclusive elections. Zanu Pf has always found ways to manipulate the outcomes. The courts have equally not assisted, with the supreme court failing to conclude the previous election.

As Transform Zimbabwe, we applaud the church for at least coming up with a practical solution in solving the political, social and economic crisis our nation is facing. The current electoral system has failed to usher change and transformation into our country. In this kind of situation, elections won’t yield any positive results up and until we have revived the genuine ethics and values of politics. Our politics has been so toxic that they are suffocating the people of Zimbabwe. So it’s time as nation, we prioritize national interest above political interests. We need to revive our country, put food on the table for the general population, genuinely engage in electoral reforms before we go to another general election. Zanu Pf will continue to enjoy the advantage of incumbency and their grip on key institutions will never allow for free and fair elections. Therefore elections in the current setup will not change our fortunes.

So we salute and applaude the call by the church under ZHOCD (Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations) to suspend all electoral process. Thinking that the idea is trampling above people’s constitutional right is hypocricy because we have a situation where ZanuPf has clearly rigged, MDC has failed to respect the Constitutional court ruling. This proves how our laws and current electoral system is polluted.

As Transform Zimbabwe, we propose and support, an extra judicial solution. This will be a people driven process without political meddling.

When you are stuck in a pit, you should stop digging. As Zimbabwe, we are in a dungeon because of this polluted electoral system.

So an extra judicial solution, which ushers in a transitional arrangement, is a genuine solution to the national cancer.

As Zimbabwe, let’s embrace the idea of extra judicial to make sure that we put food on table, address electoral reforms and emerge stronger than ever. A church led process will once again deliver this nation, everything else has failed.

God bless you and God bless Zimbabwe.

Jacob Ngarivhume
TZ President