Zanu PF Members Want Mthuli Ncube And Kirsty Coventry Out Of Cabinet
12 October 2019
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Mthuli Ncube

Some ZANU PF members have taken to social media to call for a cabinet reshuffle that will see Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube and Youth Minister Kirsty Coventry being reshuffled as they are accused of being incompetent.

Former Zimbabwe Youth Council Director Livingstone Dzikira said, “There is an urgent need for a Cabinet Reshuffle, Mthuli Ncube the Finance Minister has proven to be a complete disaster.”

Dzikira’s statements were echoed by ZANU PF activist Emmanuel Sunduza who added that Kirsty Coventry should be removed also.

Aspiring ZANU PF Harare DCC Zone 3 Secretary for Disability and Disadvantaged Rowdy Gift Mabhaudi said, “I was just assessing her (Coventry) just now and listening to her speak, I really need to understand like Westlife What makes a man…”

Another former ZANU PF Youth leader Tongai Kasukuwere said the whole cabinet failed but people were afraid to mention other names because they were scared of them.

Mnangagwa’s cabinet was celebrated by all and sundry when it was first announced with people saying he has appointed a team of technocrats. 
The so called  technocrats who made it into cabinet were Professor Mthuli Ncube (finance and economic development), former Olympic champion Kirsty Coventry (youth, sport, arts and recreation), Obadiah Moyo (health and child care) and Winston Chitando (mines and mining development).