Gideon Gono Loses Weight – 35kgs In 9 Months
13 October 2019
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Nehanda|Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono has shed an astonishing 35kgs in 9 months after investing in a home gym and hiring the services of well-known personal trainer Kenny Murungweni.

Gideon Gono sheds 35kgs in rigorous fitness regime
Personal trainer Kenny Murungweni and Gideon Gono

Gono who also occasionally uses the services of a fitness trainer and Norton independent MP Temba Mliswa, says he is now putting on suits he used to wear 20 years ago.

In an exclusive interview with Nehanda Radio, Gono who turns 60 in November said “My Weight-loss journey has been a long and consistent one. It’s just that I have been out of the public eye for a very long time so those seeing me today think that it’s been a miracle-Weight loss or an event… no

“It’s a journey characterized by discipline, dedication to a voluntary cause, determination to achieve one’s set goals and objectives, good dieting where one eats to live not live to eat as I used to do, good sleeping habits, persistent and irritating frequency in the gym and on road-walks and runs.”

“I invested a lot in a home gym and hired a well-known personal trainer by the name Kenny Murungweni aka in the fitness circles as The Rambo. We have literally been training every day for the past 8 months and our mutual addiction to the fitness cause is now legendary among my friends and family. Those around me get my “V11s” or workout evidence on a daily basis.”

Speaking to Nehanda Radio, Mliswa said; “I was his personal trainer for a long time and then left, then got Guramanyanga Gerald to work with him and so forth. Listen he is one person that understands the lifestyle that is needed in terms of one being healthy and he invests a lot in that.

“First of all the time he invests. Religiously he would wake up at 5am, train for an hour, we would monitor every session, we would record every session and so forth. He is one person I can say mentally he has the propensity to put on weight, he also has the propensity to lose weight.

“In one month that I was training him he lost 22kgs, so that weight loss has nothing to do with any economic challenges or anything. Its his mental strength, if he wants to lose weight, he will lose weight….kudos to him, great mental strength… his work ethic is out of this world.

“I coached national team players and they would complain but Gideon never complains. He is a person who works like the military where he complains after duty and I’m not an easy person when it comes to the aspect of physical training….

“But again Gideon will want to put on weight again, that’s him and then he will lose it again, so he could be like that, how long he wants to be like that for, I don’t know but it’s been awesome seeing him in that shape, just that he has to invest in a new wardrobe,” Mliswa told Nehanda Radio.

Gono meanwhile has advice for anyone seeking to start their own fitness journey;

“The starting point for anyone wanting to lose weight ought to be regular walking and running outside. Between September 2018 and February 2019, my wife and I walked/ran a combined total of about 1200 kms or an average of 10 kms a day 5 days a week.

“The records are there for evidence. Then daily gyming began in February 2019 and we do on average 1,5 hrs a day, six days a week. People like Hon Temba Mliswa have come to my home for competitive gyming and anyone is free to get a testimony from him. He is one hell of a gym fanatic but he will tell you stories about my training and competitions with him.

“We have these competitions on video. Therefore, yes, for me and my wife and family, it’s now a way of life. I have lost 35kgs in 8-9 months and my shirt sizes have reduced from 6XL to just XL and I’m putting on suits I used to wear 20 years ago, am enjoying my body as much as I did then.

“I hope to start a weight loss academy soon for those like me who believe that Failure is not an option. Once it’s up and running, I will want to impart my experiences to others. Many people are moving around carrying hanging gardens of Babylon and we must deal with these life-styles and change for the better. Obesity and overweight is a killer my friend.

“I’m happy that I have dealt with it and am determined to stay younger! For those suggesting that I’m sick or have some dreaded disease(s), I’m willing to undergo any form of medical examination, public or private, in return for a sponsored new wardrobe of my choice!( kikikiki).”

As a former governor of the central bank Gono could not resist an economic analogy, telling us;

“If we are to deal decisively with our economy, there is need to start at the personal levels and show commitment to sweating for rewards, for discipline, consistency, determination, perseverance then you can tackle the macro-economy with the same understanding that without pain, there is no gain!

“Those are the parallels I can draw between personal sacrifices and the outer world… no pain, no gain and failure must never be an option,” Gono told Nehanda Radio