“All Ndebeles Buried At The National Heroes Acre Must Be Exhumed,” Mthwakazi
14 October 2019
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Joshua Nkomo’s grave at the National Heroes Acre

Now that the so called Zimbabwe Heroes Acre has been exposed as a satanic ritual site, starting with Joshua Nkomo and uMama uMafuyane who was poisoned by Zanupf Women’ s League members, all Matabeles buried there against their will or otherwise, must be urgently exhumed and reburied in Matabeleland.

Thanks to Mugabe it has come to light that Heroes Acre is not a holy place as many are made to believe. Corpses buried there are mutilated for the purpose of harvesting body parts to be used by Zanupf top leaders to appropriate power through black magic to exercise control over the masses.

The cult cum political party, Zanupf, has been painting Zimbabwe red with human and animal blood since the days of the struggle through its blood letting rituals that involve slaughtering of human beings and animals to use blood and body parts to feed the demons in exchange of black magic generated power to control the masses. They even composed a song “Zimbabwe Ndeye Ropa” Zimbabwe was born of blood.

Regardless of this senseless and inhuman spilling blood, Zimbabwe remains a cursed country facing an imminent split that would give birth to the Republic of Matabeleland. It remains a failed state without its own currency and the blood of innocent people and animals has failed to resuscitate the economy that remains in the ICU.

These pure acts of barbarism which are imbedded in the Shona culture of witchcraft are usually performed in secrecy. But if you want to know each and every detail of them, just wait still and patiently until a fight breaks out between Shonas. Before you know it the very people who perform these bizarre rituals under the cover of darkness will run one by one to the media to reveal everything.

The disintegration of Zanupf into three political splinter groups ie NPP, NPF, ZANUPF and multiple factions that do not see eye to eye has provided the mine field to those who are patient.

Joyce Mujuru bare- breasted rituals.

It was late President Mugabe who revealed this one at the height of G40, Lacoste and Gamatox factional battles.

To boost her chances of becoming the first female President of Zimbabwe, Joyce Mujuru consulted Nigerian witch- doctors. They asked her to kill 10 chickens and these were named after top Zanupf leaders. Mugabe, Grace and Mnangagwa topped the list. The witch- doctors told Mujuru that when the chicken bearing the name of Mugabe is slaughtered, he will automatically fall to his death and the others who had their names given to chickens were to face the same fate as the birds were slaughtered. Mujuru, it is said, performed the rituals while in a semi- nude state, with her breasts uncovered. Poor Chickens died a painful death but Mugabe and others did not die and Mujuru was unceremoniously fired from Zanupf.

Zanupf keeps witch- doctors and other occultists at its party headquarters.

This juicy story came via exiled Patrick Zhuwao who wrote in his weekly column:
“Furthermore, it is important to note that liberation movements such as UNIP of Zambia, MCP of Malawi and KANU of Kenya have not been able to survive the departure of their founding fathers. In the case of ZANU PF, the violent and humiliating ouster of President Mugabe makes it even worse as explained to one Vera, whose job description at ZANU PF Headquarters includes consulting spirit mediums and the occult. The poor lady is currently grappling with how she can inform Mnangagwa that, on her latest visit to the spirit medium, he was given only five months to go”. Patrick Zhuwao, Mike Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo are main G40 strategists that were forced into exile after the Zimbabwe coup.

Zanla forces killed white people to extract blood to give to spirit mediums.

The commander of the first wing of Zanla known as Crocodile Gang, Enock Muteveri Sithole, once told the The Sunday News that his gang killed white people to extract fresh blood which was put in bottles which were then sealed and taken to spirit mediums.

“We were told to kill a white man touya nemusiya wake ( and extract some blood). If I have the opportunity to meet President Mnangagwa, I will tell him of certain rites that we undertook before we killed the white man. For now all what I can say is that we performed a short traditional ceremony under a certain tree in Chimanimani after bringing the white man’s blood.” said Enock Muteveri Sithole.

The above gory stories which are just a tip of the iceberg, confirm the culture of witchcraft which was  brought by Shonas from Burundi where they were chased away for performing the same satanic rituals. It is the same reason that Sekuru Kaguvi, a spirit medium who killed innocent people with lightning was hanged by white colonists. The dark culture is passed from one Shona generation to another.

The above events strongly support the latest humiliating occasion where late President Mugabe refused to be buried at National Heroes Acre fearing that ritualistic Mnangagwa would remove his teeth, nails and other body parts to use them to enhance his political fortunes as well as to obtain power to control people.

We urge Matabeles who have relatives that are already buried at the Heroes Acre to exhume the bodies and rebury them in Matabeleland. They will never rest in peace as their body parts and souls are used to oppress Matabeles. No one in Matabeleland must allow their relatives to be buried at Heroes Acre as the bodies that are buried there are mutilated by Zanupf “madzura moyo”, spirit mediums and witches to run the country and oppress Matabeles.

We implore all Matabeles to unite and restore the statehood of Matabeleland and leave Shonas alone to practice witchcraft which is their special gift from the devil himself. Let them slaughter each  other in the name of rituals until the whole population is wiped out, who cares Their farther in hell will reward them with political positions and riches which they value more than human life.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs