Govt Taking Zimbabweans For A Ride On Sakunda Investigations – Opinion
14 October 2019
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Alex Magaisa

Alex Magaisa|They think we are fools. Perhaps we are.

Recall they said Sakunda’s accounts were frozen? Now The Herald on Command Agriculture, “Shiri said CBZ through its co-operative partner Sakunda has started distributing inputs to the various parts of the country…

Where such facilities may not be available then Sakunda can move inputs to GMB depots …” adds The Herald. So we have a company allegedly being investigated by the government for suspected money-laundering but it’s still a big partner in the same government’s flagship program?

Of course, some of us knew the government was playing mind games and was never serious about pursuing Sakunda.

It was all for a show, a corporate-washing exercise to then claim these entities were clean after all. Yet some still fervently believe the anti-corruption drive is genuine.

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The IMF, from whom the government is seeking respite, has already raised issues about Sakunda and how the Command Agriculture deals were financed.

How does a government command respect when it deals with entities it claims to be investigating for money laundering and corruption?