“Opposition Should Change It’s Tact In Fighting Zanu Pf”: Madhuku
14 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader Lovemore Madhuku (LM) has justified why his party joined POLAD arguing that opposition parties should engage new tact in fighting Zanu Pf.

Said Madhuku in an interview with a local publication:

“The system has to be fought and we continue to fight it, but we have to change the methods. So there are people who are totally lost when they look at us adopting a different method as if we have given up. Why would we give up? We have created massive movements.

Those in MDC Alliance believe that the person who is fighting for democracy is the person in the MDC Alliance. That is nonsense. What you have to take into account is what are people doing in their various stations. When we fought against Zanu PF, we were fighting against one-party domination and we will also fight against a two-party domination.

Domination and oppression does not change because you have increased the number of players. Where I stand, I am contributing to a situation where we have a real genuine multi-party environment of more than three parties.”

— NewsDay