Police Take Over MDC Head Quarters, Party Appeals To Court
14 October 2019
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MDC Secretary General Charlton Hwende has reported that the Morgan Tsvangirai House has been sealed by police officers who have blocked the officials from accessing it.

The move by the police comes a day after the police arrested 12 suspected MDC members who were engaged in a fight with police.

Said Hwende, “Our head office has been sealed by riot police. Our staff unable to access it to do their work. The MDC as a party that is represented in Parliament must be allowed to operate without State interference. This is the reason why the country is isolated internationally.”

On Sunday Professor Jonathan Moyo warned that the police and the military might be all over the Harare CBD after 256 police helmets were discovered at a Harare building.

“Word from the deep-state is that a massive crackdown by police with embedded army units is set for Harare tomorrow. The pretext is to pre-empt anticipated protests; the objective is to show force to instil fear, given rising tensions. Take care vanhu vamwari in Harare tomorrow.”Moyo posted on Twitter on Sunday.

ZLHR is legally assisting the arrested persons