Too Much Focus On Tagwirei Yet Ignoring Billy Rautenbach – Temba Mliswa
14 October 2019
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Temba Mliswa

Temba mliswa|We seem to want to go for the indigenous people who’re alleged to have captured the state but look at people like Rautenbach, why’re we quiet? Call it personal if you will but the facts are he was given the Todal concession worth USD2b; he didn’t mine it, he speculated&sold it.

2/ He’s been given a Hwange concession in fact the Western section which is the life of Hwange & strategic to the country; no mining activities have taken place, speculation again?

3/ Chisumbanje he was supposed to be part of the indigenisation through the ethanol scheme; he didn’t do it. Why does he have monopoly & why is ethanol so expensive & content in fuel so high to the detriment of vehicle performance?

4/ He’s taken land in the Kambuzuma/Marimba area without title deeds; Rothmans had title which they gave to Govt & during RGM’s time it was given to the people. They’ve settled there & built houses Out of the blue he comes with letters claiming to falsely own title

5/ People were given offer letters but because Rautenbach is working with political heavyweights, Chidau allegedly one, there’s an ominous silence. @PoliceZimbabwe with AK47s are equally being abused by being deployed to patrol the area as a method of intimidation.

6/ They go door to door forcing people to sign papers to vacate the area. In the absence of a court order one wonders on what authority this is carried out? Houses are being wantonly demolished; 20,000 innocent people are crying out loud but it’s falling on deaf ears.

7/ Should we honestly just watch this happening with folded arms? He has a penchant for working with the army & is alleged to be one who plundered in the DRC; we were quiet. He’s never been an honest business person & the illegal land deals are all he’s got going for him.

8/ He’s on the verge of receiving more land for another sugar plantation in Chirundu. Why are @zeraenergy & @official_MOEPD quiet regarding this monopoly? @edmnangagwa why is he getting away with this?

9/I’ve advised those of Joshua Nkomo Housing Co-op to write a letter to @edmnangagwa on the land issue which I’ll deliver; this is a fight we’ll battle whether Rautenbach is white or not, gone are the days of racism&the use of higher offices to gain favours, he’s not untouchable

10/ It’s important the Govt knows if they’re unable to defend people in such instances they’ll lose the trust of the people& ultimately lose votes. We need leaders who represent people, we need leaders who care for people.

11/Billy was never victimised by RGM; he enjoyed good relations with him & benefitted accordingly. Land barons are crying foul but have caused untold suffering to the people. Why can’t these developments be handed over to @UdcorpZim which can be empowered to safeguard the people?

12/ @ZANUPF_Official doesn’t seem to learn&has lost urban votes through failure to deal with these land issues. There’s literally been one Govt since 1980; land barons aren’t from opposition. In Norton land barons will never win & I urge other legislators to defend the people too.

13/ They’re people like Zivhu & Mpame who’re @ZANUPF_Official involved. Three MPs including @JusticeMayorW are involved in Marshlands, the land barons are merciless but I’ve long decided I’ll fight these land barons for the people.

14/Those in housing developments, don’t pay rates unless you’ve title. Get title 1st then it’s your liability. Many Town Councils have been captured by land barons&issue fraudulent sub division permits. Where’s the physical planning dept in @LocalGovernme13 to govern compliance?

15/ The prevalence of such fraud is sad & has destroyed our country. Whilst the Land Commission has made positive inroads it will take long. The land barons take advantage of people’s ignorance & lack of funding to seek legal representation to exploit them.

16/I’ve stepped in to fill that gap&will one day have a meeting with all housing developments to take such matters to @edmnangagwa as he’s being misinformed about land barons. The sooner he’s told the truth&acts, the better. Where’re security agents in all this to tell the truth?

17/ @JusticeMayorW is involved in Marshlands, where he’s alleged to have demanded money from people through his directorship at Adore Gold with Madzima. Coetzee has title & has rightly refused to give title to those where he hasn’t received money. Nothing personal

18/ I’ve pledged to fight corruption & it’s unfortunately been against some I know but why should people be prejudiced & exploited?

19/ @ReserveBankZIM @ZimTreasury @MthuliNcube @GGuvamatanga why aren’t investigations going on at @metbankzw ? A forensic audit is critical. It’s common knowledge it’s receiving protection but it must end. The principals are Ozias Bvute & Enock Kamushinda; we need to fight this.

20/ @matandamoyo @ZACConline there’s a lot of work to be done &we’re prepared to divulge a lot but we hope it doesn’t go to waste. If the investigating teams can’t perform then change is needed. These investigations require a high level of sophistication&personnel with experience.

21/ Mai Mupfumira is out, what’s being done & why can’t a quick trial happen? The thorough Parly recommendations are a valuable asset in going after perpetrators of crime & detail is available on people like Obert Mpofu half the work’s already been done.

22/ Economic problems divert our attention from dealing with corruption & yet it’s the biggest contributor to our woes. We concentrate on the Tagwireyis but he didn’t give himself the money. Let there be accountability from Treasury.

23/There’re no sacred cows, let’s look at corruption holistically regardless of race. Who’re the gold barons of this country?Nobody wants to talk about it; we can’t work like that.For as long as we don’t account for the country’s resources we’ll never be the economy we want to be