George Charamba Disgraced after Sharing Pornographic Material On Twitter
16 October 2019
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Disgraced George Charamba

Paul Nyathi|President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, George Charamba, is the talk of social media after he shared graphic pornographic stuff on his exposed Twitter account before deleting the account in disgrace.

Charamba was using the Twitter handle @jamwanda2 which he confirmed to be his last week when he posted pictures of President Mnangagwa eating sadza and mazondo during a flight from France.

The tweet that stirred controversy was, “Mouth-Watering MILF Org_sms” and was accompanied by a video of a naked white woman touching her g_nitals.

The controversial tweet was posted around 11 PM on Tuesday and soon after, Charamba posted again:

“Whoever does this is despicable, and I suggest it stops immediately. I am disgusted.”

His followers, however, would have none of that and continued to bombard him accusing him of having shared the pornographic material he had been drooling on, to the site without realising.

“… zvaiwana ngwarati!! Of course, my good friends will enjoy this intrusion and milk it to the last ounce!! Meanwhile, Aluta Continua!!!, one of his followers said.

After several of his followers poked fun at him, Charamba eventually deleted the account.