Mozambique Elections: Six Polling Stations Set On Fire As Vote Counting Gets Dirty
16 October 2019
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Polling in Mozambique

Six polling stations with 4605 registered voters were set ablaze by Renamo supporters who were furious over alleged fraud. The classrooms at Milagre Mabote primary school, Maniamba, Lago district, Niassa, where the 6 polling stations operated were made of traditional materials. As the photo shows, the classrooms and all voting materials, including ballot papers, were reduced to ashes.

After voting ended but before the count, the opposition surrounded EPC Milagre Mabote, and police fired into the air to disperse the crowd. With those shots, Renamo supporters threw many stones at police officers and burned all the ballot boxes. Polling station staff, journalists and even the police took refuge in the woods. A police car rescued the polling station staff, reported our correspondent at dawn today.