MDC MP Arrested For Rape: Advice To Politicians, “Stay Away From These Relationships.” – Reader
17 October 2019
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Anele Ndebele

Paul Nyathi|A reader has immediately responded to the arrest of MDC MP for Magwegwe Constituency Anele Ndebele, calling on politicians to be very careful when involving themselves in relationships outside their marriages.

Below is the full advice from the reader going by the name Jojo3.

Let me give an invaluable advice to my fellow politicians, whether MDC or Zanu-PF.

The economic situation in Zim is dire at the moment and, so the traps are everywhere, you are walking on eggshells every day as long as you’re involved with women outside your marriage.

Some of these girls and their relatives are gold diggers and can be used by your political enemies to bring you down.

Guys be very careful with Zim women, they’ve copied a system in UK where they report someone for rape when in actual fact they agreed to everything and will hide behind being drunk.

If there’s need for a girlfriend go for mature beautiful women. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

As for Hon Ndebele, please gather all the trail of evidence this girl left behind and expose her.