Murdered Headman’s Family Demand 70 Cattle
17 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- Relatives of a headman who was murdered by his neighbour in Mberengwa are demanding 70 heads of cattle from the murderer’s family to conduct a traditional ritual to appease the dead man’s spirit.

Chief Matarutse of Mberengwa, under whose jurisdiction the families live, told NewsDay that the deceased’s spirit was not at rest and would seek vengeance on the murderer’s family unless they deliver the cattle. Said the chief:

Jorum Makondo, brother to the deceased, and some family members informed my court that they need 70 beasts from the accused’s family to conduct a cleansing ceremony.

It is usually our custom and tradition that when one murders someone, he/she has to meet certain demands from the deceased’s family to avoid being haunted by an avenging spirit.

Malambeni Makondo (56) of Chemimwe village under Chief Mataruse was struck with a log several times and killed by Hlupeko Mabuzane (38) following a dispute over a botched donkey deal.

Strange things are alleged to be happening at the Mabuzane homestead and villagers suspect that the dead man’s spirit is haunting the family.