“My Wife Is A Serial Cheat Who Is Emotionally Abusing Me”: Man Tells Court
17 October 2019
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 By A Correspondent- A Glen View couple’s four-year marriage is on the brink of collapse following the wife’s alleged cheating habits.

The husband is reportedly bitter about his wife who has not shown any remorse over the issue and he now wants a divorce.

Simbarashe Mutarisi, 38, claims that Isabel Mutarisi, 34, is having an affair with another man behind his back and she is emotionally abusing him.

Narrating his story, Simbarashe said he caught Isabel with other men thrice before she broke the phone to destroy messages.

“It is the third time I caught her cheating on me but she used to delete messages to avoid misunderstandings with me.

“I used to remain silent when I saw her speaking to the other men but this time I am depressed and I need a divorce, she is stressing me,” said Simbarashe.

Added Simbarashe: “I have tried to make my relationship work and for the sake of my family I have been trying to keep it a secret. Now I cannot contain it since my relatives might find me dead because of stress.

“I separated with my first wife and she (Isabel) also divorced her first husband, but I am regretting being with her since I never found happiness in the marriage.

“I have five children and she has two, we have no children together but I was taking care of all the children.

“She is not appreciating my efforts to maintain other man’s children,” he said.

Simbarashe said he had made some efforts to engage her relatives but to no avail.

“I have contacted her relatives so we can solve the problem but she is being ruthless as she shows disrespect and she is remaining rude to me.

“My marriage is now on the rocks to the extent that I no longer feel ashamed to expose her bad habits since she showed me that she never loved me.

“The reason why I feel it necessary to reveal this is that she is planning to file false application to the court that l am assaulting her.

“I never assaulted her. My only fights with her are about the phone.

“She is planning to get me arrested but l never assaulted her my Lord will save me from that,” added Simbarashe.

He further revealed that he is no longer comfortable staying with Isabel.

“I am no longer comfortable and I do not want any more to stay with her, I am afraid she might bring diseases into my life.

“I am an innocent man.

“I want her to leave my house and take everything in the house except my clothes.

“I am processing my divorce papers, I no longer love her, she will kill me,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Isabel said she needs at least two weeks to comment.

“It is true that we are having misunderstandings but I am not ready to say anything about the matter.

“He only told me to move out from his house kuenda kwa sekuru but I will see when the sun sets, thank you,” she said.

H-Metro waited two weeks but when contacted for comment yesterday she said she is busy. She is still at her parents’ place.

-State Media