“Ian Mtandwa Now Officially Mudiwa Hood”
18 October 2019
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Wrote MudiwaHood- Yes Mudiwa Hood is now OFFICIALLY my Government legal name, and was never just a Stage name ( do not insult me like that).

As an intellectual i cannot jus wake up and call my self Mudiwa Hood because it feels good, NO that is who i am.

And i have the Blessing of my dad, who said, Well done for being bold son, you did this whilst i am alive…

My own dad is happy i am now called by my real Surname, who else should go against who i am.

It is indeed a sad story to later find out the surname “Mtandwa” i have been using on all my legal documents all my life ? was jus my grandpa’s name, and i am no relative at all who use Mtandwa except my siblings…

How it came to be so too… is very sad?… Mr Hood who resided in Chivhu, married a black woman (my great grand ma), got her pregnant and because of racism and family pressure, he chased away the black woman who is in this case my great grand ma.

My great grand ma, who was pregnant then, went on to give birth to a mixed race baby and named him “Mtandwa”( we were chased away, meaning Mudzingwa). Instead of giving him surname Hood, as a bitter woman she adopted a surname from where she got re-married.

So my grand dad “Mtandwa “, adopted his step father’s surname and his name was Mtandwa ……,(Couldn’t mention the surname for privacy sake).

When my dad was born, he automatically inherited a surname that wasn’t his?.
However As a bold man, when he got married and had kids, he gave us his dad’s name “Mtandwa” as a surname.

So literally i have no relative called Mtandwa except my siblings and my uncles’ kids who my dad demanded they also use grand pa’s name as surname too.
So i was Born Mudiwa Ian Mtandwa.

Now that i am a dad too, my dad said “do your son a favor son… like i did for you…Who is He? You now grown up and know your true history and who you are.”

As a proud dad, i want my children to be who they really are!! I am grateful that my dad is proud and happy for me, this was the most important thing…

Hood was never a stage name but my real Surname from the beginning!!! Mudiwa Hood Snr.