Ndebele Nursing Students Deliberately Failed – Mthwakazi Claims.
18 October 2019
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Student nurses caught celebrating their graduation

Media Statement|We have been inundated with calls and messages from the public following the Mpilo tribal fiasco. A lot of people have expressed gratitude and many thanks to Team MRP for standing up for them. According to information at hand there has been a lot of abuse within the nurse training circles.

A senior official at Mpilo told us that the  last professional management staff was that of the late Mahlangu’s executive. The rest are ZANU PF puppets, a Majada who is now a lecturer at NUST is said to be one of the culprits who came to Mpilo through his ZANU PF links and in the business of terrorising Ndebele students and soliciting for bribes, she is one of those fingered in taking bribes from aspiring nurses mostly from Masvingo.

This Majada is said to have marked down 20 Ndebele students most of which are now roaming the streets of  Johannesburg in South Africa aimlessly after spending three good years at Mpilo. The information we have also suggest that the current principal tutor knows the story and was part of those who marked and failed down Ndebele students.

The senior official at Mpilo told us  that some of them survived by grace of God, even though they were threatened too, the current tutor literally refused to give them confirmation of training letters to go to Harare to register simple because they were Ndebele. They had to take her to the lawyers, she even had the guts to threaten lawyers and Majada is a highly corrupt individual who messed up Mpilo Hospital using ZANU PF links.

A nurse at Brunerbag also confirmed that indeed Ndebele students experienced hell at Mpilo because of these people. The poor Ndebele nurse training students and those who wishes to be nurses some day are actually looking forward to an open and independent commission to look into their matters.

We were given some of the names of those who were deliberately failed for being Ndebele and these include former students Nozimiso Moyo, Prudence Mali, Ntando Ndlovu, another Ntando Ndlovu, Nomaqhawe Mgutshini, Grazyana Mehlomakhulu, Pretty Mikitai a Matabeleland student with Shona roots, Samukeliso Ndlovu, Ziphozethu Mabhikwa and Tretchie Bhebhe.

At UBH at the time there used to be a Mrs Mbuya who was so corrupt to the point of selling exam papers to students to solicit money. The failed students accuses Mrs V Majada ‘former’ principal tutor, Mrs Juliet Dube and current principal tutor Mrs S Moyo for corruption. This is  a team that worked together in sidelining and undermining Ndebele students including a Mrs Mashonga who used to fail every Ndebele student in the ward, working with Sister-in-charge Sister Mchena.

While these remain allegations, we don’t expect this to be taken lightly, some of the reason we went to Mpilo to meet management was also to iron out such matters for the good of all of us, the intention was not to publish this but to seat and discuss, we still await their call though we don’t trust they will honor their word hence we had to alert who so ever cares to listen and correct the anomalies at such an important and strategic institution like Mpilo Hospital.

We condemn perpetrators of tribalism and nepotism in the strongest terms and we demand that the nurse training course in Matabeleland be suspended pending investigations into the allegations of tribal segregation and subjugation. Mthwakazi Republic Party remain committed and resilient in defense of Mthwakazi, we still await a reasonable response and a mutual dialogue with the relevant authorities we won’t allow this matter to lie down and or to continue like this.

Nothing for us without us.

For peace and justice in our life time.