Serbia Has A Commitment To Prosecute And Punish Anyone In That Country Who Has Committed War Crimes Anywhere In The World, Mudenda Must Not Leave Serbia A Freeman
18 October 2019
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Serbian government adopted strict stance against war crimes.

Paul Nyathi| Below is a commitment made by the government of Serbia in 2015 on dealing with people suspected of having committed war crimes:

“The Government of the Republic of Serbia is aware that war crimes constitute delicta contra juris gentium and that their prosecution is a concern of the international community as a
whole, not just one national judiciary. The Government’s position is that all grave, large-scale and systematically committed war crimes have to be investigated and the perpetrators punished in accordance with international standards, regardless of national, ethnic and religious affiliation or status of the offender and the victim.

In the regard, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, speaker of the parliament of Zimbabwe must not be allowed to leave Serbia without being tried for his war crimes against the people of Zimbabwe.

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