Kambuzuma MP Willias Madzimure To Address Stranded Residents
20 October 2019
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The MDC Member of Parliament for Kambuzuma Hon. Willias Madzimure will today address a public meeting for all the thousands of stranded residents of Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Co-operative in Kambuzuma.

The big meeting is expected to start at around 1pm today.

The venue of the crucial meeting is at PamaGumtree, opposite the Kambuzuma electricity sub-station on your way towards Mereki from Kambuzuma.

The local residents are stuck up in a protracted battle with politically well connected business mogul Billy Rautenbach, who is claiming ownership of the land.

The local Residents Committee and the MP would like to invite both members of the general public and media to attend this crucial meeting

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Daniel Molokele
MDC Spokesperson

Willias Madzimure