“I’m Trending”: Uncle Roland Basks In Social Media Glory
21 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- South Africa based Zimbabwe businessman Uncle Roland Muchegwa has opened up on the videos and pictures that have gone viral on social media and even mainstream news sites this week.

Muchegwa who is reported to be a truck operator and fuel dealer says he has been getting numerous positive feedback after the images went viral.

Read the unedited thread below:

“I’m receiving numerous calls from girls in SA, Zim, Nigeria and some from as far as Kenya, asking to hook up with me. Whoever gave them my number want to get me in trouble with their broke boyfriends.

“Until the lion learns how to read and write, every story will glorify the hunter.” Social media people are not concerned about the facts of a story, they only take that part which satisfies their egos. If you don’t have a platform to speak for yourself, they fabricate, fabricate

I’m receiving requests from corporates, clubs, resorts and influential people who want me to help market their products but those same people are calling me names on this social media. I’m not a basher, I really appreciate woman. Let bygones be bygones.

So someone wanted to tarnish my personality by sharing some pictures which are part of my past but it didn’t end well. Now your Uncle is trending

Thank you Twitter family for the love. Love conquers every evil. You’re awesome.”