Just In- Jailed Vendors Granted $100 Bail
21 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- 10 vendors who were arrested in Harare last week were this morning granted $100 bail each.

The 10 were among the 11 vendors that were arrested near the MDC headquarters in central Harare during a police crackdown that followed the recent discovery of old police helmets at a nearby building.

One of the incarcerated vendors Hilton Tamangani died due to injuries sustained from torture by the police.

Tamangani’s lawyer Marufu Mandevere said the vendor appeared in court last Monday in blood soaked clothes and could hardly walk.

Mandevere said they requested to take Tamangani to a private doctor after they discovered that he was injured but they were turned down.

He revealed that the late vendor was in a bad state when he appeared in court on Monday for initial remand hearing and the state was opposed to bail.

“His shirt was full of blood and he could hardly walk,” said the lawyer.

“Late on Friday, we received a distress call that he was seriously ill and that is when we wrote a letter to the prisons requesting that he be allowed to be treated by a doctor of his own choice.”

According to a letter to the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services dated October 18, Tamangani had developed a “fatal infection.”

In a joint statement released recently, police and the ZPCS said they were investigating Tamangani’s death.

The statement said the outcome of the investigation would be made public once results of the post-mortem are released.

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