MDC Targets Zanu PF Strongholds
21 October 2019
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By Wezhira Munya

Dear Editor-Masvingo MDC MP, councillors and women’s assembly took heed of President Nelson Chamisa’s call that all elected officials should keep in touch with the grassroots.

MDC led by charismatic and visionary leader President Nelson Chamisa derives its popularity in staying and consulting with their constituencies.

Below is a summary of events that unfold in the past two weeks:

This week, 17 October 2019, youthful Masvingo urban MPJacob Nyokanhete together with MDC Councillor Vhembo addressed residents of Ward 3 concerning issues of Service delivery and how 2018 CDF was used.

This meeting was organised by largest residents association- Masvingo United Residence Association. More so, the mp and councillor engaged residents through question and answer session.

In addition, Yesterday 19 October 2019, the residents in ward 3 requested a follow up meeting and honourable Nyokanhete and councillor Vembo attended the meeting.

Councillor Vembo gave feedback on what the council has been doing and it’s future plans. On the other hand, honourable Nyokanhete, gave feedback on Parliamentary bills which are currently at different stages and also made a summary presentation on Education bill.

Honourable Jacob Nyokanhete has started to make 2019 CDF consultations. The first CDF consultation was held in ward 3 and more meetings will be done in other wards. Honourable Nyokanhete stated that CDF usage is determined by Masvingo urban residents. He encourage all residents to participate in determing the use of CDF. 2019 CDF is $175 238 (bond). Last year’s CDF was $50 000, this money was used to buy cements that were distributed to both primary and secondary schools in Masvingo urban as recommended by Masvingo residents. Honourable Nyokanhete gave full account of the use of CDF money in full. He believes in full transparence in using public funds. Honourable Nyokanhete is a qualified chartered accountant and he is in the Parliamentary committe on public accounts. 2019 CDF funds will be accounted for and will be publicly published.

Last week honourable Nyokanhete visited Jairos Jiri Association in Masvingo urban. Jairosi Jiri Association plays a crucial role in advancing the emancipation and inclusivity of people with disabilities in all spheres of society. MDC led by President Chamisa is pro- people with disabilities. To enhance the advocacy work of people with disabilities, MDC has an active desk that deals with issues that deal with disabilities. Jairosi Jiri Association needs financial, material and any form of support from the Government and community at large. The concerned Mp honourable Jacob Nyokanhete kindly request all stakeholders to help Jairos Jiri.

Again, this week honourable Nyokanhete also visited Hillside Government Primary School on Friday, 17 October 2019.

This school was recently established, it faces the following challenges: the only goverment school without any computer in Masvingo urban, facing great water challenges and they are facing financial problems to complete the admin block they are building

Lastly, honourable Nyokanhete visited Ratidzo Trust school popularly known as Zimcare. This school cater for mentally challenged learners. The school management took honourable Nyokanhete on school tour. He was informed that, the school needs continous support of foodstuffs and blankets for their learners.

In ward 4, councillor Godfrey Kuraone held a consultative meeting with residents and addressed water challenges and other issues. He also responded to the questions posed by residents. The meeting was organised by Masvingo Urban Residents Association (MURRA).

Yesterday, Masvingo Provincial women assembly led by Masvingo provincial chair lady and Proportional Representative honourable Mago held a rally in Gutu South. The event was highly subcribed. Guest of honour honourable Mugidho, the MDC vice chair National women assembly articulated that MDC women assembly encouraged women and girls to recruit and mobilise votes for President Nelson Chamisa and MDC at large. Some of the speakers at this rally where Masvingo provincial chairperson honourable James Chafungamoyo Gumbi, Senator Rwambiwa Masvingo provincial chairlady honourable Mago.

Senator Rwambiwa, honourable Mago, Honourable Nyokanhete, Honourable Mugidho and others provided fuel and transport to ferry women and girls who attended this rally.

In Chiredzi, MDC will battle it out in council by election with Zanu PF. The election will be held on the 26th October 2019. The MDC Chiredzi cadres have be campaigning vigorously. MDC candidate is Mr Mazhata. The award winning Chiredzi Mayor Hwende and others contributed $700 towards ward 12 by election campaign. Honourable Mugidho, National youth leader Tsungi Rungwave and many MDC cadres are contributing towards ward 12 campaigns.