Zanu PF, Stop This Madness Of Lying!!!
22 October 2019
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Jeffryson Murisi David Chitando

Proverbs 6:16-19 “There are six things that the Lord hates ,seven that are an abomination to him; haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devices wicked plans , feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies and one who sows discord among brothers”

Although the above Biblical verse mentions all the bad this Zanu PF regime is currently doing I will only concentrate on the lying lips of Zanu PF people.

Zimbabweans do you remember the then Minister of Energy Dr Joram Gumbo when he was beamed daily on Zbctv assuring the nation that Zimbabweans need not panic as the country had enough fuel.

In less than a week the country was nearly dry.You all remember the daily statements and reasons for fuel shortages which this illegitimate regime issued. Why should a people’s government lie to its people.?

It would be best for Zbctv to rewind and flight the 2017 and 2018 statements Dr Gumbo on the fuel situation for this government to hear.I definitely assure you if those statements were to be rebroadcast some Zanu PF leaders will commit suicide….nokunyara!One wonder if these ZanuPF leaders after such blasphemous statements they ever discuss with their spouses?Surely many marriages in ZanuPF would not see the light of the next day, as many would think even in marital its their in- born thing to lie.

Zimbabweans who have followed the Command Agriculture bumper harvest statements would have thought Zimbabwe will be exporting grain to neighbouring countries.

Its a pity that Zanu PF is acknowledging it now that Zimbabwe is in a serious food deficient. Only when Zanu PF was dishing out maize in a vote buying exercise in 2018 the government boasted of the success of Command Agriculture operations. Zbctv and The Herald as Zanu PF mouthpiece praised the operation .Its a pity that the state media are now praising the same government of securing foreign currency to import maize from neighbouring countries. *What an irony !! Sure Annanias and Sapphire deserved to die for lying …this evil party doesnt deserve support…lying to the taxpayers who fund the programmes…satanic!!

Prof Ncube and President Mnangagwa categorically stated that the prices of goods and services will stabilize and go down by June.

When the two were making such statements bread was $2.90 now $15.75 ;upfu was $6.10 a kg but now its $ 54 .80 or more.One wonders if these Zanu PF leaders really know the difference of prices going down or up?

How many things have these monsters lied to the nation ?It seems they are not ashamed to lie.These are pathological liars.If Zanu PF leaders do tell you that they have two wives or two eyes believe it with a pinch of salt.

When they are saying the economy is failing to perform because of sanctions ,will you believe them?

If you believe Zanu PF leaders statements ,better your relatives seek a psychological help for you before its too late. *Vane shavi rokunyepa vanhu ava !Vanosvikirwa nevakafa vane menduru dzokunyepa !! Surely if there was a world cup for lying Zanu PF would the undisputed champions.

President Mnangagwa told the people of Masvingo that Mashava and Masvingo Cold Storage Commission will be fully operational by 2018 August…what a lie!!

What happened with the billion dollar mega deals which we were promised will change the economic situation of the country?

Harare -Masvingo -Beit Bridge highway was to be completed by end of 2019 according to these pathological liars… not even 100km is tarred.

“The President is safe and sound.We are only targeting the criminals surrounding the President…” Ohoo My God it has taken this long to arrest the criminals. Mugabe is no more before he saw the criminals who were surrounding him.These Zanu PF leaders are world class liars.

In soccer when the Warriors were about to depart for Egypt the ZanuPF leaders promised the nation that they will fundraise more than $500 000 !….The Acting Minister of Sport promised the nation audited records of the funds but up to now the nation is still waiting.