VIDEO: ZDF’s Ferret Team Is Busy Plotting Next Move, Even On Empty Stomachs
23 October 2019
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By Gerald Jukwa| A video has emerged of activist Tinashe Jonas calling for military action against Emmerson Mnangagwa. He is very loud and very angry and he ticks all the boxes for an activist. I have no doubt Jonas is a member of the deadly Ferret Team. Where does he get all this money to run a party with no other member other than himself? Him and Noah Manyika are from the 107 parties Emmerson Mnangagwa boasts saying they demonstrate Zimbabwe is now a democratic country. Do their own wives or girlfriends support them? What else do they have to their credit they can front as real opposition leaders?

They say everything that people like and everything that motivates the public.

These are people who’ve been planted in the community to stir people’s emotions and trap them.

A person who criticises the regime is not necessarily bonafide. We have to be careful because there is a military program run simply for intelligence purposes and 2018 has millions of such lessons. Vanokujambirai kumberi, they act as if they are a part of you and they stir your emotions, all just so they can trap you and then stop you. They will create agendas and then execute them with you, just so they can make you appesr like an aggressor.

At the end of the day-the real oppressor emerges as “the oppressed” and it will take you a 1,000 years to come-back again to square one. This is how the Ferret team ioerates and their activities are listed in a military memo dated May 2019. ZimEye grilled ZRP spokesman Paul Nyathi over this memo and he struggled to deny its authenticity. The official May memo says the Ferret team’s job is to infiltrate civilians, manage them, and then trap them.

Even with a dead economy even running on empty stomachs the ferret team has a mission and is on their toes, on their job.