Churchill High School Ups Fees By 100% Following Hike In Food Prices
24 October 2019
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Parents with borders at Churchill High School were left infuriated today after the school hiked boarding fees by 100% citing increases in the price of meat and bread. The latest increase comes after Churchill School demanded that parents buy groceries for their kids at the beginning of the term

The sad reality is that parents’ salaries remain stagnant whilst costs keep ballooning on a daily basis.

Dear Parents The School has applied for a boarding fees top of 1200 to match the cost of goods and services. A few highlights are the cost of meat which has gone up by 270% and bread which has gone up by 120% since, opening. While we understand the inconveniences this demand will exert On your bUdgets,there is not much that could be done to avoid the costs, We expect that you pay half the required amounts while we await approval to enable the school to continue, to offer services to your child.

churchil increases school fees