US Ambassador To Zim In Trouble For Allegedly Behaving Like An Opposition Leader
26 October 2019
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American Ambassador Brian Nichols might soon find himself being disciplined by the Zimbabwean government after his vocal stance that Zimbabwe was suffering because of corruption that being allegedly implemented by the officials in Harare.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information said, “I have a warm and friendly relationship with all diplomats accredited to Zimbabwean I have had interactions with and I don’t go personal on anyone. But I think some of the diplomats we host in this country have lost diplomatic etiquette and have become political activists.”

Mangwana’s statements attracted backlash from former G40 members Beauty Zhuwao and Walter Mzembi who told him that the ZANU PF strategy towards sanctions was wrong.

“A whole bira outside the American embassy, is that diplomatic? How do you expect them to respond?” Zhuwao said.

Mzembi told Mangwana to styudy sanctions in Cuba first: “Quiet state diplomacy and vuvuzela public diplomacy Nick Mangwana attract different responses. You contracted lobbyists for sanctions review and decided to march at the same time, there was serious backfiring. Understudy Cuba sanctions and responses first.”

A member of Presidential Advisory Council Trevor Ncube said the caliber of western diplomats was worrying.

“I have recently been concerned about the caliber of western diplomats posted to Zimbabwe. Today’s tweeting from some diplomatic missions reminded me the current crop is no different from cub reporters. No nuance, diplomacy or etiquette all.”

Source – Byo24