Dear ED: “The Voice Of The People Is The Voice Of God”
27 October 2019
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Letter from Job Wiwa Sikhala.

Re: The Voice of the People is the Voice of God.

When the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe rightly relieved you of your Vice Presidency of Zimbabwe, we heard you singing the song which is turning out to be true of yourself and correctly manifesting today on you.

When you were plotting for the coup which several of Zimbabweans joined which I personally didn’t, those who joined the march hoped that the country will go through a transition to democracy.

They were tired of authoritarianism and savagery. They wanted a new start to their destiny. You hijacked their dream and turned it into a nightmare.

If you don’t know it, the people of Zimbabwe have got no respect, faith and hope in your leadership of the country.

People on the ground are saying you are not their president because you robbed them of their will and shot and killed several people to the Presidency.

The 1st of August 2018, massacre of civilians in the streets of Harare will remain the sad bloody chapter in the memories of many.

This is compounded by the recorded role you are allegedly played in the Gukurahundi genocide, the grand murder and massacre of the MDC supporters after the victory of the late democracy icon Morgan Richard Tsvangirai in 2008.

You staged a military coup against the will of the people of Zimbabwe through the deployment of the military into the countryside to commit all manner of human rights abuses.

A detailed report by the Zimbabwe NGO Forum graphically exposes how you deployed merchants of death.

It is recorded that hundreds of our MDC supporters were murdered in cold blood, raped enmass, tortured, having their properties destroyed, their livestock eaten on night vigil meetings which you duped ‘pungwes’.

Your role as the Minister of State Security from 1980 until your reassignment, left a trail of sad episodes. There are hundreds of thousands of families who have tears that are difficult to dry.

Trails of pain and scars of brutality are all associated with you. The God you said projects himself through the voice of the people is not a fool.

He is a God who is honest and will never disappoint. Since you grabbed power from your former master several families are having tears down their cheeks on the basis of losing their family members on your hands.

People are being shot at, tortured to death and several tormented to prisons for exercising their constitutional and democratic rights.

I had the opportunity to represent 188 Zimbabweans, the majority of them minors in January 2019, after the stay away by citizens of our country.

The level of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment that was perpetrated against the people I represented in Court can only be expected from the world of animals.

The savagery committed will not go unnoticed by the God who according to you is the Voice projected via the people.

We are in the 21st century and the world can not continue to watch while leaders like you perpetrate the kind of human rights abuses which some of us witnessed personally.

Evil thrive for sometime and it is not short of reference in history. It happened to mankind on this earth and we all know how it ended.

Counting bodybags and becoming arrogant over it invites cursing from the God you were fond of referring to during the period of your usurpation of power and the gods of our land.

The voice of the people is the voice of God. Signals should have made reason visit you after your address of an empty National Sports Stadium on the 25th of October 2019, at the purported anti sanctions solidarity Rally. For the God’s voice to authenticate its mighty, there were gigantic flops throughout the country.

The people who heeded your call to the march and Rallies throughout the country should have send clear signals to you that all is not well. They want their voice which they know is the voice of God to be heard. They refused to associate with you.

They know it very well that you wanted to use them to protect your selfish enjoyment of the national cake under the guise of austerity when you and your few friends and family members do as they please.

Our people are suffering. They can not afford a decent meal a day, they are jobless which you promised them after the coup that jobs, jobs and jobs was your main mission, they are not able to send their children to school, they can not afford basics in their homes.

There are hundreds of thousands of graduates from teachers’ and nursing colleges who got trained for nothing in the past 10 years.

There are hundreds of thousands of university graduates who are wondering in the streets without an agenda. Mothers are delivering in wildlife conditions in our hospitals. Teachers, doctors, nurses, police officers and even military personel going to work are remunetated slave wages.

The suffering among our people has gone beyond comprehension of a normal person. Anyone going to work is doing so to find somewhere to while up their time and day.

Fear alone is not a sustainable strategy. I remember being in Libya in 1997, as a student leader on an international student conference.

Every Libyan you met was shaking like a reed in a flooded river in fear of the Great Leader of the Great People of Great Jamarihiya as Muammer Gaddafi loved to call himself. I felt sad when I saw how it ended for him. Saddam Hussein killed 200 000 Kurds in Western Iraqi like rats in 1992.

No one ever imagined him being retrieved from a hole with beards that looked like the forest of an anthill. General Augustino Pinochet, after his assassination of Allende, went on a crusade to cause disappearance of Chileans into liquidation.

He is now a locus classicus study of students of human rights and international law on how immunity can be withdrawn against leaders who treat their citizens as cannon fodder.

Slobodan Milosevic, after his massacre of Kosovas and Serbians ended up being an example of how international law can be enforced against cruel leaders.

Charles Taylor of the famous roasting of human palms learnt Greek when he was in isolation in the country of the aliens. I can give examples infinity, but it won’t assist if I don’t convey the essence of my letter.

The Voice of the People is the Voice of God. Deep down your heart and soul, you know that you did not win the elections in July 2018. You stole it with impunity from Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

If this episode is unresolved, signs of being abandoned by God and ancestors of this land will continue coming in bounds and hound you.

You can spill as much blood as you enjoy, but the end results are dire to contemplate. God will do his work and favour. Evil rulers always end tragically. It is just my sincere and honest advise to you.

Long live the will of the people.
Long live the people of Zimbabwe.
Long live democracy.
Long live prosperity for our people.