FULL THREAD: Mliswa Finally Spills The Beans – Mnangagwa Wasn’t Elected Into Office
27 October 2019
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The Zimbabwean adage has remained – To understand Zimbabwe’s current climate, pay attention when three people start speaking out – Temba Mliswa, Christopher Mutsvangwa, and Terrence Mukupe, in that order. The Norton MP early Sunday morning blew the horn against the current ZANU PF leadership to allege that none of them was elected.

He wrote saying the leadership of ZANU PF is “out of touch with the masses as none of them have been elected into office.”

Below was Mliswa’s full thread:

My advice is to use Gwanzura Stadium and Rufaro stadium for the next national events, the NSS (National Sports Stadium) exposes the truth about the leadership of ZANU PF, out of touch with the masses as none of them have been elected into office.

If Gamatox truly had 9 Provincial Chairpersons in a country with 10 provinces, what was left of ZANU PF?0

An inclusive Govt was the only way forward following the departure of RGM.
All Politburo members feel ownership of the 2017 revolution- Zimbabweans however felt used and abused by ZANU PF. Magnanimity preferred that ZANU PF enter into a Govt of National Unity.

ZANU PF failed to “fill up NSS” due to Co-opted structures. Following the expulsion of 9/10 Provincial Chairpersons in the Gamatoxit, no elections have been held in ZANU PF. Gamatox therefore had more people in ZANU PF than the true current ZANU PF

The same people that are being asked to mobilise, fail to mobilise their own constituency. Each province would have been given a bay to fill! In smash West, more MPs were present than people. The ZANU PF MPs got coupons exclusively and they abused these

It is clear now that politicians are missing the plot strategically. The NSS is not the best place to hold such important events. It has exposed a lack of strategy on ZANU PF. The Ant-sanctions march was made a ZANU PF event as opposed to a being a national event

Wherever we are, we must ensure effective representation. The day was unplanned, but I became a part of a program that mobilised young people. Informal as the interactions may be, a lot is leant from such interactions. The youth are here and have become the arrival of the future