Prominent Gold Baron “Receives” Christ
27 October 2019
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There is common wisdom that “change” is the only constant in life and nothing else.

This view is borrowed from an ancient Greek philosopher and means that there is nothing in life which is stationary or will remain the same throughout one’s life.

Even the Bible has it that Saul who was sworn to persecute Christians changed to Paul in Damascus, arguably one of the greatest preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Baron Dube (44), a popular gold miner who has been involved in numerous deadly turf wars was recently baptised at the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church in Habane, Esigodini.

For years, Baron’s dark side has graced the media, as one alleged scandal after another painted a picture of him as the type of “sinner” who should be struck with lightning, brimstone and fire.

However, the soft spoken gold miner has opened a new chapter in his life and turned his heart to God. Dube, who has hogged the limelight for wrong reasons revealed that he got his Damascus moment while he was sleeping about three months ago. He said he heard a small voice whispering in his ear saying he must turn to God.

At first he ignored the voice but he heard it for the second time and it would not leave his mind even when he was awake. After careful thought, he said, he decided to turn to God. He said turning to God was not an easy decision.

“At first I thought I was making a wrong decision but I summoned courage and went to church. After attending church services for two weeks I accepted Jesus as the Lord and saviour of my life,” he says.
He says he feels he made a proper decision. “I have no regrets about the decision that I made. Many people were shocked when they saw me going to church. In the first days they thought it was just a gimmick to win people’s sympathy since they know me for wrong reasons. But they had to believe me after they saw me changing from my usual habits of drinking beer to quitting it,” he says.B-Metro