Sekuru Banda’s Piece Of Advice to Tytan-Olinda
28 February 2020
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By Jane Mlambo| Celebrated traditional healer Sekuru Banda has offered a piece of advice to Olinda Chapel and Tytan whose messy divorce has taken centre stage on social media for some time now.

Sekuru Banda expressed concern that the United Kingdom based couple who were gifted with a baby girl had chosen to wash their dirty linen in public including revealing their HIV status.

He adviced the two to seek advice and counselling from elders as their fallout had the potential to alter societal perceptions about marriage considering their popularity in Zimbabwe.

“Divorce happens but it is the last thing that a feuding couple should do. There are several ways to guard marriages because even in the Bible God does not condone divorce, however, when that happens couples need to seek advice from elders or marriage counsellors,” he said.

He advised Tytan and Olinda to desist from disclosing their HIV status saying it is unAfrican and against the law.

“I am more worried that Tytan also revealed Olinda’s HIV status in the way that he did. That is wrong and should be condemned in every way. As a traditional healer I never disclose anyone’s HIV status because that is unAfrican and against the law,” he said.

Olinda and Tytan’s marriage and divorce has exposed the missing elderly counselling and advice to young couples who lack an appreciation of the institution of marriage.

Sekuru Banda is the leading traditional healer who has helped many couples secure their marriages. As custodians of tradition and culture, traditional leaders like Sekuru Banda are key in filling the cultural gap created by the coming in of technology and modernisation.