One Of The Two Presidents In Guinea Bissau Resigns Fearing For His Life
2 March 2020
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It is hard to hear or see an African politician resign from office regardless of whatever situation and how scandalous it is.

“My life is in danger” - Guinea Bissau president resigns just a day after being sworn in
My life is in danger” - Guinea Bissau president resigns just a day after being sworn in

However, one of the two men who had been declared president of Guinea Bissau brazed the trail on Sunday when he resigned his office – after just one full day in office on security grounds.

“I have no security… My life is in danger, the life of my family is in danger, the life of the people is in danger. I cannot accept that that is why I took this decision,” Cipriano Cassamá told reporters.

Guinea Bissau has been experiencing some political crisis for some time now following the disputed election of the former opposition leader, Umaro Sissoco Embalol in December last year.

Although Cassamá did not participate in the elections, he was appointed by parliament, the majority of whose deputies have refused to acknowledge the election victory of Umaro Sissoco Embalol.

Embalol was sworn in as head of state at a luxury hotel on Thursday after the electoral commission had again declared him the winner of December’s presidential vote.

The ruling PAIGC party is contesting that result in the Supreme Court and a decision has yet to be reached on the dispute.

Meanwhile, the resignation of Cassamá is not an end to the political crisis in Guinea Bissau. The country still has two rival prime ministers, and hopefully, the court ruling will bring an end to all the uncertainties.