Police Arrest Man Accused Of Hiring Thugs To Fatally Torture His Employees Over 70 Grammes Missing Gold
4 March 2020
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Correspondent|A MAN who allegedly kidnapped and tortured two men over 70 grammes of gold shortfall leading to the death of one of the victims, has been arrested.

Acting Midlands Provincial Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende yesterday confirmed the arrest of Willard Mugadza for allegedly kidnapping the pair.

“I can confirm the arrest of Willard Mugadza of Gweru in connection with the murder of one Fabian Mabhugu and abduction of one Lenny Hwehwe,” she said.

Insp Mukwende said that it is alleged that Mabhugu and his workmate stole gold from Mugadza who was their employer.

“Mugadza hired some people who kidnapped and tied both men to trees while assaulting them,” she said.

Insp Mukwende said the duo was abducted last week on Tuesday and taken to Chirumhanzu by thugs allegedly hired by Mugadza.

Mabhungu was stripped naked and tied to a tree with webbing. He was whipped, punched and kicked for several hours on end until he lost consciousness.

Hwehwe was also so severely beaten doctors fear he will require a catheter to pass urine for the rest of his life.

She said the now deceased Mabhugu sent a message to his relatives informing them about their abduction and a report was made to the police leading to their rescue.

“The two were then rushed to Gweru Provincial Hospital where Mabhugu died on Sunday at around 3PM,” said Insp Mukwende.

Hwehwe was discharged from hospital on Monday, and was due to give a statement to the police.

He told reporters: “I’m in pain. We were abducted and assaulted over missing gold by our boss. That’s all I can say now.”

He said they were abducted on February 25 and savagely beaten for the next two days until they were freed on Thursday, reportedly after police began questioning ‘Dread’.

Fabian’s aunt, Theresa Mabhugu, said ‘Dread’ and his savage enforcers wanted the two artisanal miners to admit to stealing the gold, and reveal where they hid it.

She said Fabian and Hwehwe were returned to them on Thursday and they took them to Gweru Provincial Hospital where her nephew succumbed to his injuries.

“We have been to the police to file a report and we are also awaiting a post-mortem report,” she said.

Brutality against artisanal miners by mine owners is a common occurrence around Zimbabwe.

Last year, police arrested Kadoma miner Litten Chikowore after video emerged on social media showing him repeatedly striking a hapless man with a truncheon next to what appears to be a mine shaft.