In Her Own Words, 1 Aug Terrorist, Ruramai Actually Sought British Asylum In 2008
7 March 2020
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Per her own admission, the 1 August terrorist Flora (Ruramai) Mashingaidze is a refugee who sought asylum in UK in 2008.

Ruramai is the same person who exactly 10 years later would loudly glorify terrorism in her own country, Zimbabwe, causing over 25 people to be killed from the 1 Aug 2018, when she streamed her first live video.

For a while she has been claiming she is a British citizen who cannot be deported. But on Wednesday night she opened the lid on her background as she unwittingly spilled the beans saying she was once in danger of being sexualised by a well known male activist in London. Ruramai said she would expose this man for what he did to her in 2008.

“How many women did you actually get pregnant and give your diseases to, ZimVigil, yeah? ,” she screamed.

She continued:

“Tell us Zimvigil..because you tried it with me in 2008. And I know I am not the only victim of that [NAME WITHHELD]… pervet. I remember him after he tried to say I want to marry you I stopped going to that ZimVigil *hit.

“What’s his name, [NAME WITHHELD]

“…You Zimvigil, you stupid group that was busy saying you were giving people papers, when women, whenever they came to you for a signature you would ask them to have sex with you first.”

 On the 1st August 2018, Flora Mashingaidze and the socialite, Edith Chibamu streamed a live video together as they announced as follows

– Edith Chibamu:  Thandi, wachepa [ you are now worthless],  I will kill your mother before you kill a fly, so you are now worthless.

Flora Mashingaidze: I don’t get paid, but I believe in what ED [Emmerson Mnangagwa] was doing. I’ve got a  to 5 job, right?

Edith Chibamu: No, listen, don’t even defend yourself like that. Thandi Ncube, yes we are paid by ZANU PF, so what? Kana wasvotwa haurutse – When you are annoyed, you will not vomit. If you get hurt, you will never recover-get healed [ukarwadziwa haupore.] We are ZANU PF to the core, you hear? Yes we were paid by ZANU PF, so what? We were paid a lot of money, a lot of money. Get annoyed and see if we care, but anyone who goes onto the streets of Harare and provokes violence they should get shot dead. In fact, those who were shot, they were too few, they should have shot them all [ while Flora Mashingaidze shakes hand in celebration]. You do not go and provoke violence to people who are quiet on their own.”

  On the 15th January, while driving, Flora Mashingaidze announced [Facebook port – ] a statement on live video:  “the internet is down and we have had a breather online today, no more propaganda from those people who actually doing the right thing, you know. And I feel that Pastor E’ and them lot, them supporters it is just going to stop them from having any access to the internet because they have used everything all the time, and I did want you yesterday that, what I want you. [LOUD LAUGHT] Now you know what a shut down is you got shut down by the government [LOUD LAUGHT]. So who is the winner now? You know. When you have no coordination and you’ve got no direction and then you want to blame everyone for your own failures in life, you know. And you want to blame the shops that provide you with food, and you want to basically ruin the little things you have in the community, what happens? None of you have got access to internet today, not you guys online because you are obviously in other places. But I think the government should keep the internet down until we restore normality in the country, so, by the end of the day even if it takes to the end of the week and those people who feel very large, and they think they are gods on Facebook, and social media, should be taught a lesson, because every time they do their stuff they don’t do them privately, they want to use other people to back them up, and make a point, you know today, I am quite happy that there is no internet in Zimbabwe because we are not hearing anymore propaganda, you know because we are victimised, you know and, we are victimised because it’s the government’s fault, when in fact you were victimising the government because you thought you’ve got the upper hand, you know now start behaving like a citizen of a country, remember countries have got rules, so don’t think that by the end of the day the government is not able to react to your behaviour because somehow you are untouchable, right, everything you do has got consequences on this planet, you know. So, by the end of the day, I don’t feel sorry for any of those people. I feel sorry for the innocent people who most likely did not want to have those people in their community, but somehow they are stranded, you know. But after a while they will be responsible in the information that they bring out, to people online. Don’t worry when they come back they will be proper citizens, they will be proper citizens, you know. They will be dealing with the army now, it’s no longer the police now! And army don’t take shit! Go and ask for an apology jersey, they don’t. Don’t think all those people who were taking part with you were part of the whole charade that you were behaving like. There were intelligence in all those groups of people. So all they have done is to round up the same idiots, who think they are so brave who don’t even know what they are fighting for, who don’t even pay their bills in their houses, what for? You are being told by some nin com poop, who believes he is a pastor to go out and damage your environment. [LAUGH] So today you have your own shut down, shut down day 2, shut down by the government , you didn’t even do your own shutdown, you were shut down, [LAUGH – HAHAHAHAHA]. It’s successful as well, because normal people are able to go about their own businesses and you know do their business in town, because town is so free, and you know, kombis are going around, if you want to call someone, you will call them on the phone, because they can’t call you on whatsapp today, they cannot talk to you on any other communication apart from direct, so there you go, so who’s been shut down then?  HAHAHAHA [LAUGH].”   VIDEO LINK [RESTREAMED] :

The Terrorism Act 2000 (“TACT”) stipulates as follows: Section 1 provides: “(1) In this Act ‘terrorism’ means the use or threat of action where— (a) the action falls within subsection (2), (b) the use or threat is designed to influence the government or an international governmental organisation or to intimidate the public or a section of the public, and (c) the use or threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause. (2) Action falls within this subsection if it— (a) involves serious violence against a person, (b) involves serious damage to property.