“Only When Reforms Are Implemented,” Egypt Tells Zimbabwe
10 March 2020
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President Mnangagwa welcomes outgoing Egyptian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mohamed Fahmy during a courtesy call at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare yesterday. — Picture: Memory Mangombe

Farai D Hove| The outgoing Egyptian Ambassador, Mohamed Fahmy, has said up until the day reforms are implemented, Zimbabwe has no future to talk about. He described it as a “promising future,” that can only come after institutional reforms are completed.

He was speaking soon after meeting ZANU PF president Emmerson Mnangagwa and his comments come barely days after South Africa’s ambassador to Harare said for Zimbabwe to succeed, politicians must take their hands off the national institutions.

The state media twisted ambassador Fahmy’s words to mean he is saying Zimbabwe’s economic future is bright. But he clearly said the future will only come “after the reform process is completed.”

He also added saying “investors from the private sector are waiting” for that stage to be accomplished.Wr

He said in full:

“I have to say that my end of mission report back to my Government will definitely emphasise the very promising future for Zimbabwe after the reform process is completed and I am very aware that some investors from the private sector are waiting,” he said.

“Now you have the new investment authority. I was informed by His Excellency (Emmerson Mnangagwa) that we will have some people from finance where they can meet directly with investors coming in different specialised sectors, so all my best wishes for your beautiful country.”

Meanwhile, ambassador Fahmy also threw another shot at Mnangagwa’s regime known for hiring people who are past the retirement age. He said he would retire as he was going to reach the mandatory retirement age of 60 in the next few days.