I Will Stand With President Chamisa, Declares Suspended MDC Chairperson
3 April 2020
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We will stand with President Chamisa no matter what the courts have delivered: MDC Masvingo Province

As a province we will not be perturbed by any judgement that the courts will deliver. Our president as a province remains advocate Nelson Chamisa.

The courts and Zanu PF will not determine the leadership for the party.

If Khupe and all the other insane people think we will follow them forget and smile we will with our own President Chamisa.

Whether Mashavira wins, we will meet in the streets, villages, growth points marketing our President.

We will stand firm in defence of the Chamisa brand.

Some think suspension of some leaders will shake the Province. We are unfazed, unshaken in our resolute support to President Chamisa.

President Chamisa represent the only realistic chance of unseating Zanu PF as he defeated Mr Mnangagwa in the 2018 elections before the military intelligence subverted the will of the people.

2060 Chamisa Chete Chete

On behalf of Masvingo Province

James Chafungamoyo Gumbi

Masvingo Provincial Chair