MDC-T And MDC Are Two Distinct Entities – Mashakada
6 April 2020
Tapiwa Mashakada

MDC Alliance top official and economist Tapiwa Mashakada has said the MDC-T and MDC-Alliance are two distinct parties that are registered with ZEC and they contested the 2018 General Elections separately each garnering seats in Parliament.

He made the remarks following the Supreme Court ruling that ruled that Nelson Chamisa is an illegitimate leader.

“MDC-T has 3 seats, MDC-A has 79 seats. Both parties held their separate Congresses. MDC-T held theirs in 2018 and MDC Alliance held it’s Congress in Gweru in May 2019. So where is the wrangle?” Mashakada asked.

“The Supreme Court has pronounced it’s judgement and ordered Dr Khupe to hold another Congress which is a second bite of the cherry. In a democracy people are free to pursue their own political affiliations as long people know the difference between MDC-T and MDC-A.”

He said the MDC-A leader is Advocate Nelson Chamisa who was elected at the Gweru Congress.

“The judgement does not order MDC-A or Advocate Chamisa to comply with anything. For MDC-A it is business as usual while for MDC-T it is Congress time – in 3 or 4 months. There is no conflation of the 2 parties which in my view will continue to exist separately as 2 seperate entities,” Mashakada said.

“The Court Judgement did not pronounce itself on Assets therefore the status quo remains. I remain a proud member of the MDC Alliance led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa and it is my inalienable democratic right.”